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What to Expect at In-Person Appointments


Going to your local practitioner for an appointment can be a hassle, we know. It takes hours, usually ends up being fairly short, and can cost a fortune if you’re uninsured. However, if you set expectations up front and come prepared, you can get the most out of your clinical experience, Especially during COVID-19.

COVID Considerations to Keep in Mind

A visit to your doctor today is going to be a very different experience than it was a few months ago. A smart, forward thinking doctor will likely keep his or her practice very clean, try to have as few exposures as possible, and do his or her best to help you quickly. You can help him or her accomplish this by following a few simple tips.

● Wear a mask to your visit. If there have been infected individuals in to visit your practitioner, you certainly don’t want to be exposed to what they had and coughed into the air, right?

● Bring gloves and other contact breaking devices like wipes or tissues. These’ll limit the spread of germs to your hands, where they could then be passed to your extremities through contact. Be sure to dispose of them before leaving.

● Keep 6 feet apart while waiting. Doctor’s offices can be crowded in the lobbies. Do your best to wait away from others and keep yourself healthy!

Ways to make the Wait feel like Less Time

Wait times to visit your doctor can feel like they drag on and on. Especially right now when so many people need care. These tips will help the time slip by a little easier, so you don’t feel like it’s a waste of your day.

● Bring something to pass the time. This can be as easy as your favorite book, a drawing notebook, or even just picking up a magazine in the office. Making sure you’re having fun while waiting will keep you from getting stressed.

● Review your concerns for your visit. You likely know exactly why you’re coming in. Be sure you know how to communicate that to your doctor so he or she can understand what you’ve been feeling lately. Is it a fever? A cough? Maybe your stomach has been upset? Take stock of exactly what the issue is while you have time.

● Prepare questions. Your doctor will be busy – that’s a fact. Having a prepared list of questions you want to ask about options, treatment, or even just general concerns will help keep things moving and let you feel in control of your appointment.


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