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Stephen Kahn

Dr. Stephen Fundora has been a hospitalist for the last twenty years as a board -certified Physician in the field of Psychiatry. Dr. Fundora felt that he was not properly serving the community he was born and raised in by limiting his services to the hospital patients only. Dr. Fundora made a decision to go in private practice in 2018. In a short span of two years, Dr. Fundroa was able to grow his practice to two additional Psychiatrists and two NPs. However, Dr. Fundora was not satisfied with providing the proper customer experience based on comments cards filled by his patients. Dr. Fundora was using a couple of very expensive practice management solutions and still not receiving the desired results.


A.S. Khan

Dr A.S Khan is a board-certified internist in Florida. In late March 2020, Dr. Khan was furloughed from his nine Physician practice due to Covid-19. He decided to leave the practice in May to start his own clinic to help his patients receive care. However, as an employee of a well-established practice for over 10 years, Dr. Khan was unfamiliar with the workings of running his own practice, especially during the pandemic. Most of his patients were not ready to visit his office in person due to the fear of contacting the virus from others.  In addition to establishing a physical location, hiring the right resources, securing medical equipment, Dr. Khan also needed to make sure that practice is visible to a large community of patients who are seeking medical care. Dr. Khan is trained to deliver the best healthcare outcomes to his patients. However, he felt that he was spending more time as a business owner than a Physician

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