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Is your practice SEO enabled?

80% of Americans this year will try to find their practitioner online. Is your practice taking advantage of SEO?


Improve Traffic

76% of patients choose their healthcare practitioners through web searches


92% of Healthcare queries are made on search engines to find practitioners
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Mobile Application

80% of patients use smart device or app to locate healthcare physicians

SEO Statistics


of all Google searches are Healthcare related


of Americans own a smartphone or device


of all Organic searches convert into patient visits

Exponentially increase
your digital footprint

DocNow’s proprietary SEO engine improves web traffic using key word searches, practice location and reputation scores to provide high ranking  on search engines resulting in practice growth

DocNow Advantage

Digitize Your Practice

Offer a complete digital experience to your patients by integrating DocNow’s platform into your practice. On-line appointment bookings, Wait List™ feature, Telehealth and visibility on DocNow’s mobile app will increase practice productivity by a factor of 6X.

Practice Leadership

We promote healthcare practices on the web and mobile app by using trending keywords in the industry. This increases the visibility of your practice by a factor 10x and establishes you as the market leader in the area of your practice.

3 Click Appointment

DocNow’s 3 click appointment booking platform provides a convenient and easy way for patients to search, review and book an appointment with your practice in less than 30 seconds, without the hassle of calling. 

Practitioner Rankings

DocNow’s AI SEO will increase your practice’s rankings on every search engine by using keyword modeling. By using unique practice markers, DocNow’s proprietary AI SEO is built to promote practices through our mobile app.

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Dr. Asad Mehdi Psychiatrist

What I like the most about DocNow is the “WaitList” feature. It automatically offers those cancelled appointments to patients in real-time, allowing them to see the doctor faster, while instantly backfilling the open slots.

Client Photo
Dr. Waheed Malik Dental

DocNow helped us in significantly reducing appointment booking cost for our entire practice. Our new as well as existing patients are using the platform to book their appointment at time of their convenience.

Client Photo
Dr. Naveed Ummed Psychiatrist

I have increased my patient traffic by using the telehealth feature of DocNow. My patients love it as they do not have to download any additional software to use this feature. All of this at a fraction of the cost compared to other solutions.

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