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How is DocNow different?

Unlike other platforms, DocNow does not charge practitioners booking fees per appointment. Both new and existing patients can use the platform without incurring additional costs.

Patients can select the Wait List™ feature which automatically books them into open slots as they occur, improving patient experience and enhancing practice productivity.

DocNow promotes practices through search engine optimization, social media marketing, and reputation management. Our Telehealth feature provides high quality video connection to expand your patient footprint. Our unique Wait List™ feature optimizes your practice.

How it works?

DocNow’s search engine marketing and Telehealth features generate revenue and increase patient satisfaction
Become a member
Practioners send in their contact information or request a free 30 days trial. The DocNow customer support team facilitates the process of becoming a member of our network of practitioner
Create a profile
Practitioners create a profile on detailing their specialty, location and availability for in-person and/or Telehealth appointments.
Go Live
Patients search for practitioners by name, location, availability, appointment type or symptoms and instantly book appointments.

What does DocNow do?

Automated appointment booking

DocNow's automated platform allows all your new and existing patients to book appointments anytime of the day that is convenient to them.

Back-office integration

Our Practitioner Membership fully integrates with your existing EHR/EMR, giving you control to manage and fill open slots quickly and easily, whether in-person or through Telehealth.

Search engine optimization

Our Practitioner Membership improves your online visibility through built-in search engine optimization, social media marketing, reputation protection and patient reviews.

Practitioner dashboard

Our Practitioner Membership delivers data-rich dashboards along with patient insights while helping you improve interactions and grow your practice which save time and money.

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