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Stephan Fundora

Background: Dr. Stephen Fundora has been a hospitalist for the last twenty years as a board -certified Physician in the…


Dr. Stephen Fundora has been a hospitalist for the last twenty years as a board -certified Physician in the field of Psychiatry. Dr. Fundora felt that he was not properly serving the community he was born and raised in by limiting his services to the hospital patients only. Dr. Fundora made a decision to go in private practice in 2018. In a short span of two years, Dr. Fundora was able to grow his practice to two additional Psychiatrists and two NPs. However, Dr. Fundora was not satisfied with providing the proper customer experience based on comments cards filled by his patients. Dr. Fundora was using a couple of very expensive practice management solutions and still not receiving the desired results.


The biggest hurdle to automating the front office was the complexity of how the multi-physician office is operated. The physicians are on different schedules and offer a wide range of sub-specialty services to their patients. This model demands a complicated calendar, offering various sessions from 15-minute consults to 45 minute sessions to outpatient procedures. Additionally, Dr. Fundora and his team strongly felt that their current Telehealth solution required a number of downloads which resulted in a lot of  frustration from patients’ perspective. The Telehealth solution was included with their EMR software but offered very low quality of video streaming. Dr. Fundora’s team on most calls, ended up calling the patient directly from their cell phone due to the connection issues with the Telehealth software. As Covid-19 cases started to climb, 95% of patient visits are conducted via a Telehealth session. DR. Fundora was looking for a reliable yet affordable solution for his practice.

Solution selection process

Dr. Fundora and his office staff were in search of the right solution primarily to solve their calendar and Telemedicine needs when a DocNow’s sales representative called their office to introduce our solution. The office manager scheduled a demo for the Physicians and their staff. Dr. Fundora and his entire team felt that their current software offered features that are no nearly at par with what DocNow offered at a fraction of the cost. They were surprised to discover that DocNow bundled their entire solution at one flat fee including the DocNow’s EHR/EMR integration services that automates the back-office operations. Dr. Fundora requested a 30-day trail to further evaluate the solution and purchased the solution at the end of the trial.


Dr. Fundora was in the market to purchase a Telemedicine software. However, after evaluating the DocNow solution in its entirety, he decided to replace his current software with DocNow solution. Dr. Fundora is now saving over $700 a month by using DocNow solution to avoid booking fees per appointment and using the DocNow proprietary Wait List TM, HIPAA compliant HD+ video Telehealth and SEO features with no additional cost. Dr. Fundora now offers timeslots with various time durations based on the nature of the appointment.

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