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Dr A.S Khan

Challenge  Dr A.S Khan is a board-certified internist in Florida. In late March 2020, Dr. Khan was furloughed from his…


Dr A.S Khan is a board-certified internist in Florida. In late March 2020, Dr. Khan was furloughed from his nine Physician practice due to Covid-19. He decided to leave the practice in May to start his own clinic to help his patients receive care. However, as an employee of a well-established practice for over 10 years, Dr. Khan was unfamiliar with the workings of running his own practice, especially during the pandemic. Most of his patients were not ready to visit his office in person due to the fear of contacting the virus from others.  In addition to establishing a physical location, hiring the right resources, securing medical equipment, Dr. Khan also needed to make sure that practice is visible to a large community of patients who are seeking medical care. Dr. Khan is trained to deliver the best healthcare outcomes to his patients. However, he felt that he was spending more time as a business owner than a Physician

Solution search

Dr. Khan and his office manager, Ms. Laura Belfort, started their search in June to look for a solution that will meet the requirements of their small practice with one Physician and one Nurse Practitioner. As a start-up, they were not ready to spend thousands of dollars a month on search engine optimization, appointment booking and Telemedicine. They needed the local community to know that they are open to serve. However, the cost of getting the message out must meet the allocated budget. Dr. Khan and his team evaluated a number of solutions in a span of 4 weeks. The prices ranged from a few hundred to thousands of dollars a month. A particular solution was based on a revenue share model by offering booking fee every time an appointment is made even if the patient is a “no show”. As a small practice, Dr. Khan could not afford those products.

Selected Solution

Dr. Khan and his team decided to select DocNow as the solution of choice since it not only met their practice requirements but also fit their budget. DocNow’s feature functionality delivered a complete practice front-office management solution. Due a number of unique features, Dr. Khan was able to free up the front-office staff from performing mundane tasks. Dr. Khan and his team were particularly impressed with the Wait List TM feature that allows his practice to backfill cancelled appointments with no manual intervention. The HIPAA complaint HD+ Video Telehealth solution at no additional cost helped his practice reach patients in the entire State of Florida where Dr. Khan is licensed to practice. One key factor in deciding in favor of DocNow is the different platforms offered to grow Dr. Khan’s practice. For example, DocNow on Call provided Dr. Khan an opportunity to provide Telehealth consults to patients whenever they desire. Dr. Khan will list his practice under DocNow on Call to receive calls based on his availability to provide care to patients in need.


Dr. Khan’s practice is now fully functional in a span of 60 days. His practice offers patients a phenomenal digital experience by using DocNow’s online booking platform. DocNow’s proprietary SEO engine is providing a steady flow of patients every week both in person and via Telehealth. Dr. Khan pays a flat yearly fee for all the services offered by DocNow for all his new and existing patients.

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