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How Patients Really Want to Communicate with Doctors


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Whether your goal is to improve patient experience, engagement or streamline communications, the options of technologies for communicating with patients is expanding, which can make it harder to pick the most effective one.

According to a survey from EY, consumers are interested in technologies that help them manage their health and engage with physicians.

• Most consumers (68%) want to make an appointment online.

• 54% would like to communicate electronically with their doctor.

• Asked whether they currently use these technologies, 31%indicated they make appointments online, 26% complete registration online, and 30% pay for healthcare expenses online.

So, here are some tips on how your patients really want to communicate with you.

Text Messaging

The simple fact is for Millennials and GenZers, text is the main form of communication. Sending updates through secure text messaging is a great way to share and receive information quickly.

Online Portals

Patients are more likely to be engaged in their own health care when they have access to a patient portal where they can review test results and communicate securely and directly with practitioners.

Make it Easier To Book Appointments

MobileHealthNews recently reported that surveys showed that 78% of responders said it should be easier to find medical care and a majority (63%) said they were sick of feeling like their healthcare doesn’t matter in the current healthcare system. The report found that 6 out of 10 consumers use the internet to try to diagnose themselves — and that number is higher for Millennials (76%).

Listing your practice on directories like DocNow can help alleviate this problem, especially with WaitListTM which instantly helps patients book into cancelled appointments so they can see practitioners faster.


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