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5 Ways to Lift Your Mood during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Endri Farka

One of the toughest challenges during the pandemic is to stay positive. Such a thing can be difficult, even in the best of times. Keeping a calm and cheery attitude can seem sometimes nearly impossible.

The idea of being enclosed and isolated day after day, reports of rising death tolls, the collapse of the economy, and millions losing their jobs — makes it hard to discover the bright side of other things that are happening around us.

According to Shannon O’Neill, an assistant professor of psychiatry at a hospital in New York, one reason it’s been hard for people to maintain a sense of peace during this pandemic is because it’s forced many of us to actually act out behaviors that are typical of depression. “A lot of the rules are mimicking depression symptoms,” he says.

Just, let’s think for a moment: People are being told to stay isolated and separated from their loved ones, to spend most of their time inside, and little contact with the outside world — and when we are interacting, we are socially distanced. It’s not simply staying indoors that is causing depression, but the social distancing regulations we’re obeying to keep others safe may appear to be depression-like symptoms.  Furthermore, those who do have depression, or others who have previously dealt with it, may feel extra challenged right now, says Health.

DocNow will give you advice to lift your mood, as every little bit helps. These are some simple practices to do each day to keep your spirits stable:

  1. Remember the things you should be thankful for

We all know bad news is everywhere, with people getting sick or dying. If you spend a lot of time watching the news on TV or internet you will get horrified. Try to avoid this. Look at the good things that are happening inside your home. Be thankful you aren’t infected, be thankful for spending much more time with your familiars.

2. It’s time to take care of yourself

Quarantine can make us fall in the maddening sense of repetition. Doing the same things day after day, can be irritating. We know routine is not a good thing, but try to substitute a bad one with a good one. Start your day with a morning meditation, reading a book, eating a healthy breakfast. Exercise as much as you can.

3. What made you happy before this started?

It’s getting really challenging to remember a time before all of this madness started, but it can be helpful to think back to your normal routine, pre-pandemic, and question what it was that brought you joy, says a report published on Yahoo. Once you identify what made you happy before all of this, make a plan to do more of it.

4. Improve sleep hygiene

A good night’s sleep is hard to come by when you’re self-quarantined in a global pandemic, but rest is crucial to both physical and mental wellness. Take extra measures to at least try to regulate your sleep, says Gretchen Rubin, author of numerous books.

5. Connect with other people

This is a good moment to use technology. Ancient philosophers and contemporary scientists agree that connecting with people is truly important. We’re fortunate that we have so much technology we can use to connect with people who aren’t nearby.

The lockdown is a great time to catch up on reading. All those who complained that they did not have enough time, now it’s your time.

Getting an online appointment with a therapist can be a good idea. It’s a nice thing to do in the morning, a wonderful way to start your day. To have a conversation about the things that can help lift our moods during a difficult time like this.

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